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Laser Tag?

What is Laser Tag?

Laser Tag (sometimes also referred to as ‘Laser Skirmish’ or ‘Dark Zone’) is an action packed game where players wear electronic vests and ‘tag’ each other with ‘phasors’ to score points. How the game is played depends heavily on the specific equipment used and the game format chosen by the players.

Game Formats

Laser Tag is often playable in many formats. Some of the more typical game styles include:

• Solo Games: “everybody vs. everybody”

• Team Games: games where groups of players work together against other groups

• Bases: games where devices called bases exist and can be tagged for extra points

More than 10 special game formats possible, from Zombies to Capture The Flag and much more; with different scenarios & weapons and ammunitions right from death kit to medical kit, from machine guns to nuclear bombs & the list continues.

Please note that while we try to make as many options available for you as possible, our staff may select a game format for your game to ensure that the game is as fair and enjoyable as possible for all players involved. Please also note that during rare periods of maintenance, some types of games may be unavailable. Special game formats possible only for private events, parties, corporate events. Each format, as and when released will be updated here and on our Facebook Page. Stay Tuned!


A laser tag system typically makes use of infra-red technology (think of a more complicated version of your television remote) to fire the phasor.

Of course, it’s called laser tag for a reason, and that’s because it also involves lasers! Don’t worry though – these lasers are purely for show (and to help you aim!), and meet strict safety requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long is a game?

On a typical day we run a game every fifteen minutes. In this fifteen minutes is 13 minutes of game play, and 2-3 minutes of time allowed for putting on and taking off the laser tag equipment.

We will often recommend having a break between each laser game you intend to play, which will give you some time to check your scores, talk about your game, grab a drink and catch your breath. Please note that these breaks are not a strict requirement, and are also not always possible depending on other bookings.