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Laser Tag?

Rules and Safety

In Order to Play

• Patrons must be wearing appropriate footwear

o fully enclosed shoes are essential

o sneakers/sport shoes are recommended

o High heel shoes/thongs/sandals/etc are not allowed

• Patrons must be wearing a t-shirt or shirt at all times whilst on site; singlets are not appropriate

• Drugs and alcohol are not permitted on site. Any person who staff believe to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs will not be permitted to play What the fun Laser Games and will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

• Patrons must arrive at or before the time advised to them by staff members

• While we will be as accommodating as possible, patrons that do not arrive on time may miss out on games

• Patrons must follow all instructions given by staff. Failure to do so may result in refusal of entry

• What the fun Laser Games takes no responsibility for personal belongings

Game Rules

• Running is not permitted; this is dangerous and can often lead to personal or interpersonal injury

• Sitting or lying on the floor is not permitted; kneeling is acceptable, however players should take care and avoid extending their legs into corridors or passageways creating a tripping hazard

• Climbing on or over the walls or other fixtures in the arena is strictly prohibited

• Physical contact with walls or arena fixtures, other players, or members of staff is strictly prohibited

• Players must hold the phasor with two hands at all times whilst in the arena; Failure to do so will result in the inability to play

• Tampering with or modifying equipment is strictly prohibited

• Staff members may monitor games

• While we will be as accommodating as possible, staff members have the final say in game and team choice

• Staff members may allocate or restrict the use of particular equipment for any player

• If a staff member believes you have breached any of the rules above, they have the ability and authority to

o Deactivate your pack with a time penalty, points penalty, or both

o Disable your pack, remove you from the game, and refuse re-entry

• No refunds will be issued for games you have not completed or not played if you are removed from a game for breaking rules

Laser Certification and Safety

The lasers used in our equipment are registered with the FDA and are compliant with European and Australian/New Zealand laser safety standards.

The laser tag phasor is classified as Class 2. It emits visible light with power levels less than 1mW of radiant power. Class 2 lasers are safe for public use because, in the event of contact with the eye, adequate eye protection is afforded by normal aversion responses including the blink reflex.

Although our phasors are Class 2 and safe for public use, we go further to ensure the safety of our players. Our lasers are restricted to a maximum output pulse length of 200 milliseconds. The restricted output pulse means that each time the laser is activated it comes on for a maximum of 200 milliseconds. In the unlikely event of contact with a player’s eye, the laser cannot maintain contact for more than a fraction of a second.

Our laser tag system is designed with the targets located on the vest and the phasor. There are no targets located on a helmet or hat. This means that players aim their phasor towards the vest pack and not the head, making contact with the eyes less likely.