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Laser Tag?

Our Equipment

At What The Fun, we operate the state-of-the-art ZetaBlast range of the LaserBlast Laser Tag system.

ZetaBlast offers a cutting-edge gameplay experience with multi-coloured vests that provide rich audio and visual feedback, paired with a variety of games designed to suit all players. Unlike some systems, the vests are light and durable. This allows for smaller children to play and enjoy the game.

ZetaBlast also comes with a host of arena devices such as Base Stations, MicroBlasters( Targets) to enhance the in-game experience.

Our LaserBlast engineers have designed rugged cockpit displays for the M-I Abram tank, the NASA space shuttle, F-16’s and many more that operate in rugged environments. Proven reliability is critical in the laser tag environment, because there’s no such thing as building your equipment too tough!

Our Arenas

Our laser tag arenas feature stunning fluorescent warehouse-themed murals guaranteed to make you go “wow!